Have you ever felt that the Git history of your project is becoming a big mess and when you need to find out why a change was made you encounter a lot of small commits that were just adding tiny bits of code that you forgot to add in previous commits? Well, this also happened to me.

I’m a passionate learner so I’m always trying to find out new ways of doing things and questioning the current knowledge I have about a tool. When I found out that the Git history of my project was having a lot of meaningless…

Ubidots is a effortless point-and-click Internet of Things (IoT) application builder with data analytics and visualization. I am an engineer at Ubidots, and it is our daily goal to seamlessly and cleanly turn your sensor data into information that matters. Hiring an engineering team to develop a platform that both functions and looks great is costly in both time and money so we did it for you. One feature that many clients enjoy is Historical Reporting which is generated and saved with Amazon S3.

When developing this feature, we needed to create a unit test using Python to test the…

David Sánchez

Software Engineer. Passionate about technology. Developer by passion. I talk about #development, #tech in general and nonsense.

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